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Municipality Tvrdošovce



The municipality Tvrdošovce is situated in the Danube Lowland, lies at an altitude of 120 m above the sea level, 15 km northwest of Nové Zámky, on the main route between Nové Zámky - Bratislava. The climate of the municipality is determined by the location in the northern temperate zone.

The municipality falls into the microregion Cergát-Vah.

  • Number of inhabitants: 5301
  • Number of houses: 1750
  • Geographical area: 5 556 ha
  • Self-government region: Nitra
  • District: Nové Zámky




The Municipality is located in proximity of the river Vah and  therefore is considered as a floodplain. In ancient times a large part of the cadaster area was covered by floodplain forests, which have been felled and gradually replaced by arable land. Thanks to good quality of soil and favorable climate conditions, todays the municipality is characterized by agricultural production. Although, protected areas were preserved: the location "Nemestag - Manorial fields", which provides refuge for endangered bird species; inland saltmarsh near the lake "Ráczovo jazero", which is a rare salt-loving vegetation. In addition to protected areas is also worth mentioning the geothermal spring, that has a flow rate of 12 l per second. The water temperature is 67 ° C.






The creation of Tvrdošovce dates back to the late Bronze Age. The first written record of our village comes from  1221 and according to it, King Ondrej II. gave the village to monks of Cistercian order.

The settlement was located near the major road that led from the seat of Hungarian kings to the Czech Republic and Poland. In the chronicles, since the 13th century Tvrdošovce is mentioned as a flourishing market place. In 1637 Tvrdošovce acquired the status of a market town by Ferdinand III. Strong impact on community development had the Rákóczi uprising, a revolution in the years 1848-1849, I. and II. World War, post-war deportation and displacement.




In the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century was a significant development of the municipality. The construction of infrastructure began, a pipeline and a new school building was built. After the Velvet Revolution, this tendency continued, the municipality was connected to public water, a church in the cemetery area and an amphitheater was built, a statue of St. Stephen was unveiled, general museum opened, a pillar for victims of national liberation struggles was revealed, the monument to the fallen heroes and Rákócziho monument were restored. The village is constantly growing, there are new apartment buildings also the center of the village was rehabilitated.






Thermal Bath

Uniqueness of Tvrdošovce is  the geothermal source springing out of the ground with a temperature of 72 ° C and pH 8.2. In summer the fountain is used for running the local thermal resort and since 2013 also for heating primary schools, which is new to the neighborhood. Swimming pools are filled with pleasantly warm water, which has a beneficial effect on musculoskeletal conditions and is very important for the regeneration of tired muscles. For visitors are available a  25 m x 25 m swimming pool, a 25 m x 10 m children's pool and the smallest pool is constructed with a diameter of 4 m and a depth of 0.15 meters. In the swimming pools were built seats and hydro-massage features. Part of the bathing establishment is a modern terrace, bar, sun beds and outdoor showers. For overseeing the safety of visitors a CCTV system is responsible.




Municipal Museum

Municipal Museum presents the life of the ancestors for the young generation who is growing up and while for earlier born causes nostalgia that reminds their childhood. It is also a place that provides inspiration for artists, allows schoolchildren to get acquainted with the history, not only in theory but also in practice - eg. trying out period clothing, tools, traditional crafts and children's games. It was built from a peasant house on the street Dolná ulica.




Palomino Riding Areal

Riding Areal Palomino has been in operation since 2002, since then welcomes all lovers of horses and riding, from beginner to advanced in a comfortable environment. Due to the nature of the horses, calm and experienced instructors are the basics of riding easily embraced by children also adults. More experienced riders will come into their own, for whom are organized rides on horseback into the surrounding areas and in summer also camping near water. In the areal they organize various events and riders regularly participate in competitions and western show.



MM Harley Davidson PUB

ulica J. Dózsu


Pizzéria a kaviareň pod gaštanom

Dolná ulica

Reštaurácia Kelly

Kukučínova ulica

Üvegtigris Restaurant Fastfood

Dolná ulica


Vila Yellow

Street Ady Endre







Municipal Office

Novozámocká 56

941 10 Tvrdošovce

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Mayor of the municipality: Ing. Marián Tóth

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E-mail address of municipality: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.

Fax: +421 35 6492 413

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